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Give Food & Education to the ones
Who really needed

In a world which is predominantely prejudiced towards poor, homeless, widows, orphans, disabled, and other deserving categories of people, the act of charity not only uplift the poor, but also makes them in par with the rest of the humanity.

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Serving the needy since 2002

Eternal Life Trust is a voluntary Organisation strives to nurture, protect and care the orphan children who have no homes, or single parents disowned by the relatives. ETL purpose is to promote the holistic development of the child through loving care in a homely atmosphere with adequate nutrition and healthy social interaction and to educate all children till they are old and mature enough to venture out independently. It works under the principle, and motivation of Jesus Christ who came to the world to serve the needy, and poor.

We have been promoting a healthy environment for the development of the children through our various welfare and development programs (Schools, counseling services, Training, and public meetings, awareness camps, rehabilitation services etc.).We have been networking with other NGOs and Government offices.

Our Vision

To improve the living conditions of marginalized people by means of holistic, sustainable support programs and to enable them to live their lives with dignity and respect.

Our Mission

To support and empower parentless, prisoners children, visually impaired by providing them schooling, Vocational Training programs to withstand in society by their own which will strengthen their families and – in the long run – exert a positive influence on the development of society as a whole.

Our Belief

Eternal Life Trust strives to nurture, protect and care the orphan children who have no homes, or single parents disowned by the relatives.

What We Do


The biggest problem in this world is hunger. Eternal Life Trust is committed to end hunger, and provide food to the poorest of the poor.

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Education Help

Eternal Life Trust is committed to educate the poor through appropriate educational assistance to fullfil the UN Millenium Development Goal.

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Health Care

We believe that every life has equal rights to healthcare and hygiene. More than 1 million rural people lack proper healthand live in poor hygiene conditions.

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Our Highlights

Providing the basic needs of the people below poverty line is the core focus of Eternal Life Trust. It offers Food, Clothing, and Education free of cost.