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We use the best feeds with essential nutrients to raise the best chickens and turkeys.


We use our own farm fields for grazing hens and chickens to give them more fresh air and space.


Our farm uses the latest incubation and feeding technologies to raise the best poultry in the state.


We adhere to the organic philosophy, which implies the usage of natural feed for our chickens.

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About Us

Free Range Eggs

Free Range means hens have total freedom to access large open space to roam freely and to express their natural behavior. They have a pen / barn for night shelter. Fresh air, bright / pleasant sun shine, trees, green pasture to forage, flying to & fro keeps them fit & healthy.

Why buy our Eggs?

Our farming principle is very simple! Happy hens lay Happy Eggs!
Natural feed gives Healthy Eggs!

So we make sure our hens are happy and feed is natural.

Antibiotic Free Eggs

Our free range hens are raised in traditional free range farms, ensuring highest animal protection standards. They eat a lot of natural forage like all the green plant food they desire, as well as myriad bugs and grains. But this alone is not sufficient. So apart from the natural forage we provide them extra forage having needed proteins.