System SURGERY is for provision of qualitative consultancy in various fields, to those in need of, at affordable rates, by elders in the society. It could be educational, career or technical counseling.

Upon getting profiles of consultants, it will provide consultants with contact address and mobile, for the users to choose location wise, pin code wise and field of consultancy, There will be a centrally maintained software, which will add the franchise upon registration for their use. The software will provide a form to the user and the consultant concerned who will mention the name, age of the person seeking consultancy, location, time and date of consultancy, duration of consultancy, field of consultancy, consultancy provided which will accumulate at the central data base and the amount paid/received.

User could change his location and profile from time to time, except name, and year of birth.

Elder citizens, who have financial comfort, space in their property to allocate for office, and have basis infrastructure and desirous of operating through SystemSURGERY banner, can contact for franchise or fill the form and submit.

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