Srimathe Nigamantha Mahadesikaya Nama!..

About our Trust

This trust was started with various divine, noble, religiious, ethical and social objects to Support Sri Vaushnava community / sampradaya and Vaishnavite temples throyghtout the length and breadth of our country.

Especially, the objectives attact high importance to the temples and shrines dedicated to Swami Ramanuja and Sri VedanthaDesikam, the two great acharyas, without them Sri Vaishnavism wouldl not have reached its present status as a great system of philosophy and worship...

Our Services

Repair and Renovation

Carrying out repairs and renovatilon works both within and outside the temples.Carrying out repairs and renovatilon to various movable assets of the temples like Vahanas and ornaments and temple bells and utensils.

Providing Annadhanam

To conduct or contribute for Thadhiyaradhanam and annadhanam on important occasions in those temples, providing e-books and special Pooja is performed in the temple.

Construction Works at Temple

To construct additional structures by way of mandapams in those temples and handover the same to the temple authorities.

Supplying Provisions

Contributing for performance of poojas and festivals in temples, especially providing for nithyaaradhana in those temples by either making contributions for daily nivedhanam in the temples.


Rendering financial assistance by way of sambavana and honorarium to vedic and agama as well as to Divya prabandhm scholars performing various kainkaryams in those temples either on a monthly or as one time grants.

Financial Assistance

Rendering financial assistance to Vedic and Agama as well as to Divya prabandhm scholars in indigent circumstances to meet the cost of their medical treatment.

Our History

Having started with such noble objectives, the trust has created a decent corpus fund, commenced its activities by making contributions to Sri Vaishnavite temples in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh Karnataka, and Kerala in particular, the trust has been focusing on performing various religious charities in the temple of Lord Deepa Prakasha and Swami Desikam at Thoopul. Kancheepuram since it is the avatharasthalam of Swami Desikan. The trust is registered with the income Tax Authorities as a public charitable institution.

We have perfomed many good kainkaryams in the past 25 years. Now we are planning to create permanent infrastructure for carrying on our activited at Kanheepuram and other divyadesams. We have estimated expenses to be approximately Rs.25 lakhs for creating such ingrastructure and special programs celebrating Swamy Desikan 750th avatara year. Hence, we hereby appeal to your good selves to be magnamimous and grant us a significant amount as a donation for this noble cause.In order to enable the trust to perform the various religious charities as listed above, a fervent appeal is made to all the astikas to make generous contributions to the turst both towards its corpus fund and also for meeting its recurring charitable religious activities.


We are providing E-Books for our Sri VedanthaDesikam Trust.


It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Feed Back

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